Wizardgk #35 : A Fur Raising Story, 6.

Note: All the puns and brands and everything in the story are made up by ME. Any real life entities related to such in this story, are purely coincidental. Thank you.

Nala Week,
WizardCats Presents,
In association with Wizardgk,
A story written and produced by Anshul:

Author: Anshul.


“Enemies” Nala confirmed.
“Let’s take them down then!” Suzy said.
They swiftly moved down the building and into the dark alleyway. They took down the first two enemies. The rest of the gang then sensed that there was something wrong. They started getting hyper and pushing dustbins over and going haywire.
“Show yourself!” A very familiar voice spoke. Familiar. Nala stopped dead in her tracks. Suzy was paralysed, too.
“P-Peter?” Suzy spoke out loud, in terror.
“Yeah, me! P-p-p-Peter! Surprised? Well, you BETTER be!”
“Not only him – The others too.” Nala softly spoke. It was like a flashback of the day when Nala found out about Gata’s evil plans. There was a group of four people that he saw. Those people were in the alleyway.
“Peter – why? Why hang out with the group that tried to fool us into bringing food for them. Why hang out with the group that wiped Tail-Ville off the map?”
“Because, Nala. Because I hated that place. I hated the ambiance. I hated- that Ginger” Peter spat.
“You dare talk about Franklin that way!” Suzy shouted.
“I never went to wash my sins in the River of Forgiveness. I never became a monk. I became- a criminal. Because that is what I want to do with my life, Nala. Are you going to stop me ? Just as you are living the life, crime fighter. Fine, go ahead and kill me. I still win. I still lived the life I wanted to. Shoot me, already.”
“No, Peter. That isn’t my job.”
Sirens wailed in the distance. It was Nala’s plan. It is what she does before taking criminals down. She calls the police. The police take twenty minutes to reach a crime spot, enough time for Nala to incapacitate the enemies.
“You did not!” Peter shouted. He started running. The police reached in no time. They chased Peter through the streets. Nala heard the sirens till it was inaudible.
Nala woke up at the break of dawn. She walked around the buildings, hopping from building to building. It wasn’t until noon that she returned to her building rooftop. Suzy read the news.
“Highly Feared Criminal Named Peter Shot Dead” Suzy quoted the headlines.
“Interesting. So the police shot him” Nala mewed.
“Nah, they blame it on us. You know how they found us once or twice in the shadows, and the news made a big deal about it but readers didn’t really care, so they moved on? Now they blame us for killing Peter, even though the police must have shot him.”
“Oh wow. Brilliant. God, the news should take a break from writing nonsense.”
“Well, it is all a part of the vigilantism process, right?” Suzy enthusiastically said.
“Sure” Nala replied.

So, the duo kept crime fighting until a day when Suzy was shot by the police at the age of seventy seven.
Nala then stopped her crime fighting life and as much as she resented it, she took a pilgrimage to the River of Forgiveness where she became a monk for the rest of her life. She started to love their teachings and she then became a spiritual person. Nala died a peaceful death at the old age of ninety eight. The monks were indeed glad that after all that she experienced, all the sorrow she faced, her story finally came to an end.
*** *** ***
Nala Week,
Author: Anshul


Wizardgk #34 : A Gamer’s Vision, 1

Here is the long awaited story! Enjoy!

Gaming Fortnight presents,
A Wizardgk production,
Author: Anshul

A Gamer’s Vision

CHAPTER ONE: The Night Where It All Began

It was close to midnight, and mom told me to go to sleep. She got frustrated and said she was going to sleep, and that I should go soon. I was just about to finish the video game that I spent the whole month on. It was an open ended game. Meaning I could chose between two endings. I thought long and hard about which path to choose. And that’s when it happened. That, is where my story began. I felt dizzy, and I collapsed on the ground.
I woke up in a pitch black surrounding, and an unrecognisable voice spoke my name.
“William Ham! You, are in the gaming world. Your mission is to be the main character in the game ‘Wretched Dons ‘”
This was the game I was playing before I blacked out.
Then the voice spoke no more. In an instant, I felt my fourteen year old body become a thirty nine year old body. From a really chubby kid, I turned into a full grown, toned and fit adult. My short haircut became ruffled up loose hair. My brown eyes turned green. My clean shaven face turned into a slight beard. I was decked in heavy clothing, and I was staring at a phone. I felt a gun in my robes. I was the main character! I controlled all I did! This was it. I already knew what to do. I looked to my left and saw a buff man who had tattoos covering his body. That was the target. The thing was, that the main character hadn’t noticed him until he escaped. Now that I knew who he was, I pulled out my gun and fired at the villain. He dropped dead. This villain was the man who I chased throughout the game. I thought I already finished the game. What I actually didn’t see, was the fact that the main character had a plan, and that he couldn’t bring out his gun, because the hotel that he was inside was high security. The gun he smuggled was an old trick, he put his house keys in his pocket, and when the metal detector beeped, he took out his keys and apologised. Old, but it worked.
A guard shot me from behind, and I died. But I didn’t. I was there, staring at my phone again. Then it hit me. Gamers, we don’t die. We respawn. I walked through the crowd, feeling like an idiot looking for the target when I knew where he was.
“Found him?” The voice from my phone spoke. I knew this character and his motive.
“No” I lied. My voice was surprisingly deep. I was thirty nine, after all.
“Get out of there, they’re searching for you” the voice talked back.
“Also, see if anyone is hurriedly leaving the hotel”
I spoke, “I see one – buff guy, tattoos everywhere, bald head, dead eye stare, wrist band with a skull on it…”
Don’t worry, I was quoting the exact same words from the game.
“Bingo. That is him. Chase the guy, take him down, steal the briefcase, escape the police. Done!”
I vaulted over the railing and ran to the metal detector door. I took cover behind a table. The shots fired at me scared the people out of the hotel, and I was left behind with the reinforcements and guards.
The guards’ equipment was almost military. I performed one of those special moves in the game, where they throw a grenade at me and then I toss it back. Boom. The person was dead. This is why I love this game. I also love it because the main character shares the same name as I do, ‘William’. There was a shrieking noise behind me. I spun around, and watched as a red Toyota car drifted toward me. I toppled the table over and dived right. The glass wall next to the door shattered, and everyone’s attention spun to the car. The guards fired at the Toyota.
“I told you we don’t work with Toyotas!” I shouted.
“This was the best I could do!” The voice from the phone spoke.
“Scoot over, I’m driving. Let me show you how I drive around here.” I said, as I quickly jumped into the driver’s seat. The voice on the phone, his name is John. He’s the main supporting character.
“Let’s drive” I said.
“You see the Lamborghini? That’s him” John said.
“God! Why is he the one with the Lamborghini?” I retorted.
“Just drive” He said.
We chased the car halfway across the city, with at least four patrol police cars tailing us and destroying our car bit by bit. No one went after the villain. Gaming logic. Finally, I got the chance to shoot the tire of the car. Instead, I shot two tires, in case one wasn’t enough. The enemy’s Lamborghini skidded all around the road, hitting building walls and railings. People scurried across the road and into the buildings for safety. At last, the Lamborghini hit a patrol pump at the Gas Station. The petrol pump exploded, along with the whole Gas Station, sending the Lamborghini flying in mid air, exploding just before hitting the water.
“Waste of a good car” I said.
And a briefcase! We were supposed to get the briefcase!” John screamed.
“Hah. Hah. Hah” A voice from my phone spoke. Wait, something is weird – I can’t control myself. Then it hit me. It was a cutscene! I couldn’t control my actions because it was a cutscene, and so that the story progresses, I couldn’t control myself . It made perfect sense.
“You fools” the voice from the phone spoke. “The Lamborghini was just a decoy. The real me was in another Toyota. I used a bad model of the car so that you think I’m in the Lamborghini. Oh, and by the way, the Lamborghini is not my money, it is yours. I hacked into your bank account, and bought the car – you are broke, my man. It’s a shame your income was only the cost of a Lamborghini.”
John snatched the phone and threw it out of the window.
“Nonsense” he grumbled. The police got out of the car, and shouted into the loudspeaker.
“Suspect, get out of the car! You are under arrest” He said.
“Over my dead body!” I shouted back. I slammed the acceleration pedal, and the car zoomed past the Gas Station, leaving the police shooting at the glass of the car, and scrambling inside their car to chase me. They even called a chopper to tail me. Cheaters. I scrambled across the city, looking for hiding spots. I eventually found a building in front on me, with a glass entrance. I used the handbrake to drift across sharp turns. I slammed the brakes and skidded to a stop after breaking the entrance door. I kicked the car door off its hinge. The engine was smoking. I ran across the large hall. The police ran to the car. Big mistake. The car exploded when the police came near it. Most of the officers died in the explosion, but I saw one moving. I ran towards the exit sign and came into the parking lot . I picked a car that was most definitely not a Toyota. I think it was a Chevrolet. I broke the glass, and hot wired the car. I didn’t know how, but I somehow knew hot wiring.
I got into the car, brushed the glass off the seat and drove. Gaming logic is switching cars so that police don’t identify you. It is just how it works. I drove off into the city, and I heard a beep on my phone. I turned it on, and there were two words written on it. I smiled just looking at it. What were the words?

VG Month,


Wizardgk #33: LEGO Marvel Superheroes

Here’s a game for all you True Beleivers!
Here’s a recommendation for all those people who love puzzling, action, adventure, and LEGO!
LEGO Marvel Superheroes (In some places with sub-heading ‘Universe in Peril’) is a great action game with a lot of exploring and fun puzzles to play. One of my favourite parts of the game is when you smash some things up, and when needed, out of the remains you can create new items that you need to get across and progress in the levels. It really brings out the true purpose of LEGO. Creating things. For example, If I want to get across a wall or I want to get rid of some symbiote, or many other options, I always count on smashing the things nearest to me. It is rewarding too because you get blocks (the game’s currency) and you can put those blocks to good use in the S.H.I.E.L.D. Heli-carrier. You can also save up till you have 1,000,000,000 bricks and you’ll get a gold trophy. I suppose if you get enough money in each level/chapter, you get the ‘True Beleiver’ , which is an achievement. Get a True Believer in each chapter, and there’s a trophy there too.

Okay, enough talking. Now, it is time for those many photos I took while playing the game. Please excuse the quality and camera angle, I took them with my iPod.


A little back story on why Tony Stark is wearing his Mark 1 – Magneto had destroyed his suit, and Tony had to go to stark Tower in his underpants – embarassing. When he learnt that J.A.R.V.I.S (the machine that runs Stark Tower) had been hacked, he couldn’t trust his suits because they were all run by JARVIS. All except one of them. His Mark 1, which was the first model of the Iron Man suit, created when he was imprisoned in Afghanistan by the Ten Rings (Terrorist group). So he can now use the Mark 1. Now back to the level.

I was stuck on this part of the chapter for a long lasting one hour (or maybe lesser, like half an hour) because I didn’t know how to get through. The answer stared at me the whole time. I just didn’t realise it because I haven’t been exercising my mind enough.


Goodbye cruel world!


I solved the first part of the puzzle, I found out that I had to pull some sort of lever. Foolish me. The next part of the puzzle took even more time. In fact, out of anger, I shall show you what I did. Behold, the Mark 1’s equivalent of a Unibeam!


Neat, eh?
Well, you haven’t seen anything yet


I finally cleared the level, and fought the enemies with this incredible Unibeam of mine!


Captain America uses his shield to good use!



That is JARVIS, as I said earlier, he got hacked, so Stark sort of restored JARVIS to his normal state. And now, Iron Man can finally use his newest suit, the Mk 42!


We then take Mandarin down and the chapter ends.
I finished the game last week, and it was entertaining to the fullest.
I give it…
9.6/10! Good job, LEGO MS!



Wizardgk #32 : A Fur Raising Story, 5

Note: All the puns and brands and everything in the story are made up by ME. Any real life entities related to such in this story, are purely coincidental. Thank you.

Nala Week,
WizardCats Presents,
In association with Wizardgk,
A story written and produced by Anshul:

Author: Anshul.

Her eyes glistened in the moonlight. The stars shined in the sky. She took in all the beauty. The stars were perfect in the sky. Orion’s Belt shined brighter than the other stars in the night. She was thinking about the families with children and how they were so happy. She wanted a happy ending, too.
“Hey Nala” Suzy said. Nala flinched a little, because she forgot Suzy was sitting next to her.
“What are you thinking?” Suzy asked.
“I want to do something with my life. Make it important. I don’t want to let my life just slide by. . I want it to matter. I want happiness”
“Very well, then. Let’s make our lives matter. Let’s get out of this ugly village. Community one will officially be a ghost community. I never liked this place anyway. I moved here because I couldn’t afford anything better” Suzy mewed.
“How will we afford to live in Belly-Ville then? I mean, I am speaking for myself because I won’t last a month there” Nala mewed.
“Maybe a month is enough to get our first pay checks” Suzy replied.
“It won’t suffice. Anyway, we don’t have to have homes” Nala said
“I’m sorry, what?” Suzy questioned.
“Yeah, until we earn real money we could just lie around in a dark alleyway or something” Nala thought out aloud.
“With criminals and bad guys lurking around?” Suzy asked, eyes wide open.
“Wait a minute! That is it! Crime fighting!”
“Crime fighting?”
“Yeah! Only we don’t have to do it for money. We can have our own duo! We, can look for criminals and gang hideouts and take them down! Right, I’m fifty-six years old, but that didn’t stop me from killing Gata, a fighter. Let’s just go on stopping crime and wiping out the whole idea of crime in Belly-Ville!”
“Uh, Nala? Going after bad guys unauthorised is in many ways known as ‘vigilantism’. It’s illegal. Besides, why are you doing Belly-Ville a favor they don’t deserve?”
“One, it isn’t vigilantism if you don’t get caught or noticed by face or name and two, I am not doing Belly-Ville a favor, I am doing it in honour of Frank. What Peter has done is unforgivable, and I shall always remember Frank’s words every time I take a villain down. What were his words? Well, he told me a long time ago, when were very young – Live your life Nala. Do what you want to do, because that’s what you want to do, not because of anything else. Never do what you don’t want to do. You’ll waste your life. Who knows if you’ll get another one? Maybe one life is enough, provided you live it right. So live it right – because you might never get these moments back.”
The leaves rustled in the wind.
“So, that is what you want to do with the remainder of your life?”
“And do you know that it is a crazy idea?”
“So if you know what you’re doing, and you want to do it… Then I will assist you in every way possible. So, we call it S.N.P.F? Suzy Nala Pet Force?”
“You got it”
The future duo trotted down into the desert leaving all belongings behind to start life anew in Belly Ville
*** *** ***
Nala Week,
Author: Anshul

Wizardgk #31: VG Fortnight

I have a new theme for the rest of this month, August

What is a theme?

Like we had Nala week, for the past two weeks – A theme is a period of time on my blog where I have a topic to blog about, and I blog about that for the allotted time period.

So for the rest of the month, I have a theme that I blog about that is created in honor of the one thing that got me through my Post-Vacation Blues (That is right, I am back from my vacation)

What is “Post-Vacation Blues”?

It is a time period where you are overcome with a certain sadness after your vacation is over. Maybe it is caused because you have to leap back into your normal lifestyle and you have to go to work or school or high-school or whatever.

It is a common thing that happens to many people like me. I have had this not-so-serious problem for the past two vacations, and it is worsened by my jet-lag – but THIS vacation, I have not had it because my sadness is neutralized by the one thing that makes me most happy – video games!

Yup, nothing makes me more happy than playing a video game, and that is why I declare this fortnight – Video Game Fortnight!

So, just like Nala Week, you shall find everything with video games on this blog (Don’t worry though, I will write those two chapters remaining for A Fur Raising Story)

If, though, if I am not very lazy, I shall write a short story (20 +/- chapters, 500-1000 words each chapter) about this gamer who is trapped within his gaming worlds – and he is the main character. He has already completed the games in the real world, though – so his work is easier as he knows what to do as the main character. His only chance of getting back into the real world is if he completes all the games.

Note that this theme will stay on possibly for longer than just two weeks, I can very much make it three weeks.

Enjoy VG Fortnight!



WizardNews : Nala Week Extended

This is a short, picture-less briefing on the news of what is going on;

Nala Week came to a close, and I promised that I would have a full fledged novelette – I wasn’t exactly free to write everyday, I was bustling around LA and beyond, doing things. That is when I decided to extend Nala Week to another week.

Now, apart from Nala Week, another thing is coming to a close – and that is my vacation – which ends this Thursday. So I will be miles away from that 56 year old that kind of attacked me the other day. I will elaborate on that after I tell you that you that you won’t be getting any Nala until 335 days later – there will only be my normal posts and themed weeks and months for my fellow followers, and … Hmm, I forgot what I wanted to say. Hmm…  OH YEAH! Maybe by some miracle over the year you’ll find some Nala maybe over a webcam or if I go to the US before next summer (Don’t worry all you cat fans, the year goes by pretty fast, and soon it’ll be summer 2015.). We’ll all be so caught up with our own stuff we’ll never be able to sit and think about how much we’ll need to wait. Life goes by in a flash, doesn’t it?

Another thing to add, um… OH YEAH! Nala attacked me the other day, she just got too excited when I was playing around with her, and she made my sandals flip out of my feet and attacked my leg by hitting it rapidly. Don’t worry, I still like Nala.

I have this fear instilled in me that I might be allergic to cats since I had this month long cold and now I hope it doesn’t become a fever, which it OBVIOUSLY won’t (I hope).

That is all the news for the week, no more boring stuff.



Happy Extended Nala Week!



Wizardgk #30 : A Fur Raising Story, 4

Note: All the puns and brands and everything in the story are made up by ME. Any real life entities related to such in this story, are purely coincidental. Thank you.

Nala Week,
WizardCats Presents,
In association with Wizardgk,
A story written and produced by Anshul:

Author: Anshul.


“Meet them” Dad said.
“No way, I have to take care of you” Nala replied
“They have been with you for your whole life. Besides, I am beyond repair. They still have a chance – I don’t. Take these tickets – I was going to meet you, but the earthquake erupted, and I didn’t have a chance to. Live you life, Nala. Don’t let the sadness overcome you” Dad closed his eyes. His pulse went down to a critically low rate. Tears trickled down Nala’s eyes.
She exited the room, and glanced back at her father, who now rests in eternal peace six feet under the ground.
*** ***
Nala traveled back to Tail-Ville, wondering why the things that happen, happen. She wondered why there was no real happiness. She fell asleep with her thoughts.
Tail-Ville arrrived, and Nala exited the station, forgetting he crutches in the train. She limped home, and what she saw – was a sight she could never erase from her life. She dropped down to the ground, next to Franklin’s lifeless body. He had at least ten scratch marks on his torso, and his eyes were badly bruised. His ears had holes in them, his tail – his tail was pulled out. Suzy weeped with sadness, she looked like she’d been weeping all night.
“W-What-” Nala cried
“Peter. He did it” Suzy had hate in her eyes.
That was even more devastating to hear. Nala knew Peter was no good.
“He ran to me in tatters, and pleaded for a hiding place. He said that he had gone to Peter’s house to apologise for certain happenings in the past – his foolishness, for instance. He found Peter screaming in rage and pain. Franklin opened the door, he simply stood there, and watched, as Peter death stared at him and then charged. He hurt Franklin, he did. And when Peter found Franklin, begging me for a hiding place, he snatched him and ripped his tail off- and I begged Peter to stop, I begged hard, but he kept beating him up, and Franklin had no response. Peter ran away” Suzy spoke no more.
“Why would Peter do that?” Nala weeped.
“BECAUSE” a voice grumbled behind Nala.
The two spun around, and looked behind themselves.
Peter stood there, pain in his eyes. He dropped down to the ground.
“Because of what happened. Forty-two years ago. I was young. It was night time. Late night. Someone knocked on the door. Then the person busted the door open. He was ginger and yellow, same as Franklin. He demanded money. Then he took out an axe and murdered my parents with it. It was brutal. From that day onward, I focused on fighting, and defence. I hated Franklin, no matter how nice he was to me. Then the night came. The night my parents died. That night I moaned. It was last night, when Franklin barged in. I didn’t look at who it was. I could only see a ginger cat, I didn’t know it was Franklin. I thought it was someone else. I saw nothing in front of me but reenge” Peter said.
“And then you killed Frank. So what now?” Nala mewed.
“Now I travel to the hills. The Hills of the Monks. It is where I then become a pacifist. I cannot erase my past, but I can erase my sins. I can turn to a quiet life of spirituality. I bath myself in the River of Forgiveness and then tun to a holy life” Peter said.
Nala and Suzy were quiet. Nala thought it was a stupid idea, she never believed in monks. But she let it slide.
“Come to his funeral” Suzy said. “We can’t forgive you, but do at least this much”
“I can’t. I wouldn’t be able to bear it. I was carried out of my parents funeral because I got out of control. I’m sorry” With that, Peter left the area.
“I have to build two graves. One for Franklin, and one for my Father. He is already buried in Face-Ville, but I want a memory here.”
Suzy nodded.

The graves were dug, and the two cats were buried.
One was a humble, loyal friend, and the other was a father Nala didn’t know a lot, but he was the reason she was there.
Nala took a last glance at the graves, before she went home.
*** *** ***
Nala Week,
Author: Anshul