WGK #55 : Travel Guide, 3 :- Hearst Castle

Note: TG 1 & 2 is referred to as ‘Where I’ve Been’, and this is the third part.


An Introduction

William Randolph Hearst.

William Hearst was a very famous newspaper publisher who built one of the largest newspaper chains in the nation. He was born to George Hearst, a famous millionaire goldmine owner and Phoebe Hearst. William Hearst loved the hilltop where his parents would occasionally take him camping. It (the hilltop) was part of the ranch that the Hearst family owned. When George Hearst looked to buy this ranch, California was suffering from a drought (Wow. Go figure, eh?)in that area. At that time because of the drought, an acre of land was valued at just 70 cents. He decided to buy all the 100,000+ acres of land available. Today, with that money, you can pay for about one year’s worth of college tuition fee. Choices!

The ranch is still about today, but the polar bears and penguins that they inhabited have been donated to The San Diego Zoo and other famous zoos nearby. You can spot Zebras around though, so if you are planning to go, look out for it. I found an Antelope on the road while on the Tour Bus, so who knows what you may get to see!

So William Hearst one day decided to tell his parents that he wanted to build ‘a little something’ on that hilltop that he loved so much. I hate it when people say ‘a little something’ because that little something turned out to be a 30 year unfinished project titled ‘Hearst Castle’. 

Ticket prices.  Adult, Children

Grand Rooms Tour- $25.00, $12.00

Upstairs Suites Tour- $25.00, $12.00

Cottages & Kitchen Tour- $25.00 ,$12.00

Evening Tour- $36.00, $18.00

Accessibly Designed Grand Rooms Tour- $25.00, $12.00

Accessibly Designed Evening Tour – $36.00, $18.00

What you won’t miss

  • A tour bus to the hilltop and enjoyment of the view
  • A view of some of the wildlife on the uphill and downhill trip
  • An informative experience as the pre-recorded guide on the bus explains all about Hearst Castle
  • Very helpful rangers everywhere on the trip
  • Support for the handicapped, the elderly, and anyone with special needs
  • A memorable walking tour

  Don’t miss the movies! Show times on the pamphlet 
Ah, the view! And to think that you only had to spend 70 cents for a view like that!


The beautiful castle that will take 80+ steps to reach

The mossy pond that still inhabit gold fish but it isn’t the clean water to dip your fingers into. That would be a bad experience

   A really creepy wall statue of… Well, a Cupid maybe.

Exclusive pictures of the interior, excuse the quality, it was very dimly lit.

   Brilliant and beautiful tapestries, this one of Jesus Christ. Hearst’s wife too had a huge part in the building of the living room.

The dining hall. Where Mr. Hearst would invite you to sit next to him, and if you didn’t impress, you would be moving a seat further away. The more he knows about you, the farther you will be. The carvings took lots of time itself, about six years. Look at the ceiling and you may find the carvings


The golden gate that was too precious to look at. That beautiful castle was unfinished, despite the fact that you will never see the whole castle in one day. 

A 3,000 year old statue, one of the many things that Hearst never built, but he bought. 

Pure golden statue over looking a pure golden view! 

 The view, oh dear, what a view!


Life under the mossy pond, goldfish! 


Beauty in nature.

The tennis court where the AFC Men’s and Women’s Wimbledon Champion winners were invited to play with Charlie Chaplin as well as Mr Hearst himself.


The stairs leading to… Nowhere. More of this in the Winchester Mystery House, but not in this Castle!
 Indoor swimming pool. Neat, eh? Looks like a carpet. So clean.


The pool had rooms. My god, Hearst. 38 bedrooms, 42 bathrooms and 2 swimming pool rooms! The jealousy is real.

That would be about 30% of the Castle. The rest, is yours to discover. Enjoy ladies and gents.




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WGK #54 : BBQ Session – A Tutorial On Cooking BBQ Chicken With Steps



Hello all and WELCOME! to Chef Anshul ‘s professional barbecuing lessons, and today we learn to Barbecue (drum-roll) …  Chicken!

Barbecue chicken can be a really tasty food, provided you cook it right. Here you get step by step instructions on how to grill your chicken and enjoy it with friends and family :)



First off, we are going to need a clean barbecue grill, so that the chicken does not get spoilt or mixed with the flavor of what you previously cooked in the grill. To do this, you are going to need a tissue and tongs. Tie the tissue to the tip area of the tongs and rub it in the direction of the grill rails, in this case, vertically. Once it is clean, we are ready to go!

Ingredients (What you will need):

  • A clean BBQ grill
  • (Raw) Chicken Marinade
  • Tongs
  • Tissues
  • Spatula
  •  Olive Oil
  • Plates
  • Apron (If needed)
  • Mittens for protection from the flame

And you are ready to go!

Step: 2

Now, chicken marinade is quite complicated, and the marinade I made is with many different spices so it is a bit difficult but you could try the marinades on the link below Different marinades don’t really matter; they’re all barbecue-compatible. Do NOT grill it as they show on the site, because we are barbecuing it! Come back to this site to the part when you put the marinate in the fridge overnight (overnight is recommended).

Step: 3

Take the chicken out of the fridge when you are ready to barbecue it.


Mmmm… I was never a good judge for judging food. I am always on a see-food diet. Whatever I see, I eat. ;)

Step: 4

Let the chicken thaw a bit. While that is happening, cover your grill with the lid on it and turn all heat settings on high to preheat the oven to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. When the meter shows 250 degrees then you can turn all the heat settings on low so that while loading the grill with chicken you don’t burn yourself.

11903484_10206139684162914_208224379_n11874222_10206139683762904_2111124627_nMake sure to cover the grill. Do not open the grill while heating.

Step: 5

Sprinkle some Olive Oil onto the grill before you offload the chicken onto the grill. Sprinkle little, as the grill may fire up, and you will have to dust it out. Use the spatula to offload the chicken because using tongs may tear the chicken apart, and we do not want that. When putting the chicken onto the grill, make sure to spread it out so that it may grill perfectly. Evenly space the chicken out and avoid cramping the grill. Note that the center will heat more and the sides will heat lesser. Cover the grill with the lid so that heat doesn’t escape and leave the chicken for six minutes in the grill.


I used tongs in the picture but it isn’t recommended to do so. One r two of m chicken pieces tore as well, so it is really not recommended.

Step: 6

After six minutes, if the chicken is nice and brown and looking crisp, flip it over and close the lid for another six minutes, otherwise, leave it another two minutes to grill. If there are brown lines across the chicken, you are doing it right, but if it is brown-ish and looking crisp, you may flip it over anyway. Otherwise leave it to cook.

11880893_10206139682722878_1725481549_n11903518_10206139687082987_1656968084_nThis is when you know you’ve cooked it right!

Step: 7

We are nearly there! Now, if you are cooking for a party and you couldn’t fit all the pieces of chicken in one grill, then you can put the second round after cooling the grill. cleaning it, pre-heating it, and continuing the same processes once again.

Once you are done, make sure you thoroughly clean the grill and not leave it dirty. Cleanliness matters! However, do NOT clean the grill while it’s hot. It may cause serious burns and cuts, and you may get blisters. Once the meter is at a cool temperature, then you may clean it, however, don’t touch the grill (you won’t really need to anyway if you are using tongs and tissues, so do not worry about that.)

Congratulations! You have completed barbecuing your grilled chicken. You may now serve it on a plate however you like and enjoy the deliciousness of the BBQ Chicken with friends and family. I hope this in-depth article on making grilled chicken helped and I hope you enjoyed grillin’ as much as I did helping you out. If you have any queries do not be afraid to ask in the comments section. Like & Follow if you please and thank you for viewing!



WGK #53 : Where I’ve Been, 2

I promised fans in the first post (maybe) that I would bring the travel tour guide back to this blog, and I decided, why not? The second segment contains Nala (pet cat). Stay for that too.

La Jolla Neighborhood, San Diego


It isn’t the best shot of the neighbourhood, but this is what it looks like.the villas are quite highly priced, it is a rich people’s neighbourhood, with rumours surrounding people like Donald Trump living here. Who knows, maybe we crossed his house on our way! There is a nursery school and UC San Diego near the ‘hood. But take a look at the cost of these houses.

The price is just unreal  but they are the highest priced. They range from 100,000-22,500,000

San Diego downtown is a break from the old town look, and is a place for more industrial styled people. 

That may be all for now, but I have an interesting thing here…

   nala loves being a box as much as she loves boxes ! She is like a huge bunch of fur…. Ready to pounce on me if I come near her
 (Story) So it was late at night… And I had a lightsaber… I shined it at Nala and around the ground and I thought “Maybe she could start following the light like a very smart cat”

She ran away and hid under the nearest car, I guess that is her thinking.

WGK 52: Where I’ve Been

So I have been a few places, and I will tell you loyal readers where exactly I have been. There are quite a few beautiful things here, so let’s see them.

   On the way to San Francisco, on the Highway, there was a lot of farm, and with great farm comes great windmill, agh, sorry.   More windmills on the travel highway!


On the trip to San Diego, you shall find a lot of English town names – Birmingham, Manchester… Manchester!!!

  Okay so a certain ‘somebody’ told me when I came back to LA that I promised the readers Nala, the pet cat. Here you go! You may be happy, but she doesn’t really look happy :/


Okay, that concludes it for now, but there may be more to come! Maybe!



WGK #51 : A Gamer’s Vision, 6

Chapter Six: The Squad, Part Three: One Last Addition.

“Only one more recruitment. One last piece to complete my squad.” I sat down at the table for dinner.

“Yay” Leo mused. “I’m sooo excited” he continued in a dull tone.


“Wait, what?WHAT?” Leo got up and started sweating. “No, no,no, not him, you can’t, are you serious-”

“Yes. Very crucial. He owns a weapons shop. If we are to break in to the hideout facilities and take Jordan and company down, we need attack. Lots of it. Sniper Guns, Desert Eagles fitted with Silencers, Grenades and a couple of machine guns if things get messy. But we need ammunition.”

“Well, I’m supposed to defend, right? No attack, just stay in the basement and hack! Hack, no attack! Right?”

“Incorrect. If Reah and I are to successfully break in, we need a sniper. I’m not saying that you are flexible enough to climb rooftops and fit into small places, but Reah can fist fight well, and she can dual wield a Desert Eagle, therefore she must be on the firing line with me-”

“Where does Dzak come in?”

“However, we need a back up Sniper and someone who can handle a machine gun in case it gets messy, which is why, Dzak is our backup. And rumor has it that he has been trained to dual wield an AK-47, though I do not know for sure exactly how that is possible.”

“Well, let’s get that guy before he does something idiotic and ends up dead!”

Reah butted in. “There is a conflict.”

Leo and I stared at her in confusion. What was it now?

“Dzak can be a huge liability to us. If he gets mad, he doesn’t care about the plan. All hell breaks loose because he is angry. He can do something stupid and ruin our plan. What he won’t understand is that there are a thousand soldiers in there, and that he can’t take them all down. He’ll get us all killed.”

She had a point, but something about her talking made us feel it was more than just that. She didn’t really like Dzak, because he was something of a ‘bully’ to her. She would receive a ton of taunts per day but Dzak did care for her, even though he actually never cared for anyone. 

“I’m sorry but there can’t be another way. It is impossible to breach their facilities with the three of us. He needs to be there.”

Silence. With a non-approving tone, she accepted.


We bustled our way into the ammunition store by the large electronics store (not the one that Leo owned) only to find the last thing we’d want to find. We did find Dzak, but he had a revolver pointed in a civilian’s face. The civilian happened to have a revolver in his opponents face, Dzak. This is not good. Bustling my way through the audience, I pounced on the civilian’s  gun, and I kicked Dzak’s gun into his face, but thank God none of them fired.  I was terrified then, because Dzak would be furious. 

“Oh how welcoming” a bleeding Dzak assured.

The audience didn’t need an invite to get out.

“Now, tough guy” Dzak started. “Since you want my attention so badly, why not decide upon a duel who gets whose attention. I shoot you, you don’t get to talk. Hey there, old buddy.”

“Wait, who is supposed to win? how is either side supposed to get a benefit?” Leo stated.

“Exactly. Only I do.” Dzak replied. Dzak was more experienced than me and way better at revolvers, the odds of me winning were, well, hopeless. 

I felt sweat, to be honest, even though I knew what I was doing. There is a possibility to break through that vest (Well I obviously was wearing a bullet proof vest) and injure me, but if I win, I could injure him. He may not recover by the time we execute our plan, and the clock is ticking. Three, two, one.

Then it happened. I didn’t shoot. Someone, somebody behind me shot Dzak in the chest. I spun around to find a shadow moving out of sights. Who? I looked back at Dzak to find his chest impaled by a bullet. He also had a vest on. Looking back at me with shocking rage, he shot at me out of anger.

Then it happened again. My vision slowed down, and a bullet collided with Dzak’s bullet, sending them both haywire, settling near the loser, Dzak. This video game just became a whole lot more dramatic. I was literally shaking. Who was this? I didn’t even know about this part of the story. I refreshed myself in the ammunition store’s washroom, and this time, it seriously happened. This was freaky. I saw a buff, African-American man with a crew cut, in nothing but a tank vest and trousers. He was in the reflection of the mirror. I got a headache instantly. This man, he looked like Dzak. I closed my eyes, washed my face, and opened my eyes again, and he was gone. Could he have been the man to have helped me a few minutes ago? Who was he?

*** ***

“Do you Reah-lize how stupid this plan is?”

Dzak received a death stare from Reah before continuing.

“We have to be super stealthy. Seriously low odds of doing it and living. I don’t take risks.” He turned around and walked to the door.

“Cash prize is a quarter of a million dollars.” I asserted before he shut the door.

“Well, I’m already a rich man but I could be convinced. I need a negotiation.” Dzak stopped at the exit.

“Cut it from Leonard’s share, I’m sure he won’t -”

“Never!” Leo screamed.

“Oh is that so, fat guy? I can really break a human, you know.” Dzak threatened with a deep voice.

Leo groaned with irritability.

“Our squad is complete!” I stated.

“Next stop: Jordi’s base!”

“Whoah, wait a minute- HE is in that base?” Dzak fired up.

I concluded that everyone just really hates Jordan for their reasons, but they hate him with all their fury. That is an advantage. Dzak charged at the door and looked back at us. “Coming?” He shouted. 

We didn’t need a second invitation to trot down the store and out towards the city.

*** *** ***


WizardGK #50 : A ‘Special’ Post

Well, here it is.

I took quite a while to think up a story for this grand occasion. I’m close, well, six views away from my 1000th view, so that is a start, which is quite good considering I have only about 50-60 real post the remaining probably being notification posts, but regardless – this is the fiftieth with the ‘WizardGK’ tag, and when I started the series, I didn’t actually imagine me coming this far, though it isn’t exactly that far because I have a long way to go, but I didn’t think I’d touch fifty – I mean, look at my Wizard Weekends series, that has touched seven, yes, seven posts. I guess I didn’t get a lot of weekends the post on, then, or that is just an excuse, because if a year has 53 Saturdays (assuming the year began with a Saturday), then there would be 52 of everything else. Let us take only one universal weekend as a Saturday. 53 Saturdays in a year and 105 in two years (53 Saturdays in one year, 52 in the other) then there would be a 106 WizardWeekends posts. Let’s forgive at least six Saturdays. Then we make it 100 posts. Even if I had posted WizardGK every Friday that would make it my 100th post, not 50th. So I’m going to take a moment to think about how my blog could have been more productive if I had been more consistent. Hopefully next time when I make a special post my blog would be progressing as it is.

I am not saying that my blog isn’t progressing or isn’t productive or anything, but as a website host, it is somewhat my duty to be thinking of the betterment of the blog. This is why I have come up with a few ideas to change the blog to comply with newer times.

So a few new changes would be :-

Change no. 1 :- Changing the Bio of my blog. On the widget it is written that GK is a misacronym. Well, now it isn’t. Now the it is a semi-misacronym. What I am getting at is that the site is now ‘WGK’, and it is an acronym for everything. Which my blog is all about. Anything and everything. WGK doesn’t have to stand for anything, but it means everything. I feel like it is really symbolic. 

Change no. 2 :- I also felt like it is about time that my background gets changed. I can’t always have a backdrop with wizard hats, therefore, it is now changing to a picture depicting the universe, in other words, everything. I know I’m getting a bit too much, but I really really want to do this.

Change no. 3 :- Lots of changes! What I am trying to say is that my blog will constantly change along the way therefore you lot should look forward to anything and everything.

This week I will resume Wizard Weekends, resume the normal stories and other topics and try to carry it out.

The revamped site of WGK will officially be completed by the end of the fourth of August, 2015.


WizardGK #49 : A Gamer’s Vision, 5

Chapter Five : The Squad, Part Two : Lee Also known as Leonard’s sister, Lee was crucial to my plan. She isn’t, however, commonly known as ‘Lee’ because that is her family’s name. Her story? When her mother was pregnant with her, her father ran away from home, or so they say, but Lee’s mother died while giving birth to her therefore when Leonard was taken away from the gang, she had to tag along as well. The age gap is roughly five years. The gang couldn’t bother to give her a name, so it remained ‘Lee’. They both were, and to a great degree still are, very fond of learning. They were orphans, and never got any of the toys (they were broken anyway) to themselves, so they read books. Leonard was able to programme using Java at the very young age of eleven, and Lee was efficient in combat. The gang knew they could exploit these talents to their advantage. Lee, however, went on to consider changing her name to ‘Reah’ at the age of eighteen when she had the option to. But the problem was with the name. ‘Reah Lee’ wasn’t really a name that would go down with her gang-mates well (I’m scraping the barrel for a pun here so bare with me).  This is how she found out it was a bad idea: Leonard: Reah, Lee? Really? REALLY? Reah (Lee) : Quit it. Leonard: Really? Should I, though? Reah [*angrily*] : Leonard… *Punches Leonard in the face* Leonard: OW! I was only pulling your leg so that you realise it was a stupid idea! I need to get an ice pack! *** So she made it ‘Leah’. I , and to this day nobody knows what is it with the superlative ‘eah’ and ‘ia’s but it was her problem. ‘Leah Lee’ still did not sound convincing, so she changed it yet again to just ‘Reah’. No surname. Just ‘Reah’. Everyone just stuck to it after that. Leonard didn’t mind keeping his name Leo’ Lee, but his sister did, so he is also known as just ‘Leonard’, although legally it still is Leonard Lee. But the name isn’t the main focus. Her purpose, story and recruitment is. Reah was only eleven when her brother and herself were looking to buy groceries (well, steal) from the market. Nearing the market, they were supposed to cut through a dark alleyway to reach it. In the alleyway, they were stopped in their tracks by three large gangsters. Leonard wasn’t a fighter, he was known to wet his pants in scary situations. And he was sixteen. It was Leonard’s eleven year old sister who saved her that day, and the reason to be recruited into the gang who found the duo (They were understandably nervous to recruit Leonard, a man with wet pants). Reah was flexible as well, she fitted into narrow spaces, and that would prove great for a stealthy heist or, in this case, revenge. *** ***  Reah left the scene a long, long time back when the Gang War broke out. She stayed as a low key citizen, with her husband Mane Floyd who was a boxer. They divorced though, and now she lives independently in her house, maybe preparing for a return to the fighting scene. Maybe. Hopefully. Leonard was able to find her and track her location down easily. It was a nice little villa on the countryside with not a lot of decorations, but the design made up for it. “Still think she’s alive?” I inquired. “Hopefully, if she didn’t do something stupid!” Leonard answered. The house door was opened, and you could here some action inside. Leonard barged in, and shouted, “Reah?”. I walked in to find Leonard unconscious on the ground, with broken glass surrounding his body.  “Oh, Leonard, it’s you! Didn’t think I’d see you around! Long time, my brother, long time. Oh, hey Jon.” We sat down with a cup of tea, Leonard preferring an Ice Pack. He was ostensibly running temperature. “Deja Vü, am I right?” Leo asserted. Reah, ignoring Leo, turned to me. “Why did you come?” “I, uh, need help. This is serious. Regarding our Gang” I spoke in low tones. “No” Reah abruptly shut the conversation. “Leave.” “We are getting back at Jordan, he has joined the enemy gang, under a new contract.” Reah’s eyes lit up. “Keep talking” she said. She didn’t like Jordan. “Alright, so you are the second addition to my squad. We are taking him out head on, with more brains and a little lesser brawn. You have both, Reah. I will only need brass as a Plan B. The war tore the gang apart, Jordan and I exceptions. Now he has gone, so I will go, but after disposing Jordan off.” “Why should I accept?” I winked at Leo. Same way of persuading. Brother and sister. “There is a five-hundred thousand dollars in for you. We succeed, the money is yours.” Reah looked nervous. Leonard was confused. “What’s the total? I get five hundred ‘K’, and she does too, so-” “Two million dollars. All that remains of Jordi and that pathetic gang leader he works for.” I spoke reluctantly. “I refuse your offer” Reah ended the conversation. There was an eerie silence in the room, and Reah broke the ice. “You might still be working for the gang, and I want a bigger cut!” Reah demanded. By this, I was taken aback. “I might, but you don’t suspect Leonard! He accepted this alliance. Trust him if not me. Besides, if you want a bigger cut, I reduct it from Leo’s share. I propose you get a hundred thousand dollars added from him.” Leo spoke up. “And what if I don’t accept?” We knew what to do. Reah and I loved to harass Leo. “Love to have you on board, Reah. You too, Leo.” I finalised the deals “I must say, Reah, you look fat!” Leonard finally got up “Please Leo, that is you being insecure about your weight, because I have sustained my weight for four years – YOU, look the real potato.” Reah fired back “Lies, filthy lies!”  Leo tried his best. I, was filling in the descriptions of my mates Leonard- Fat, long curly hair, spectacles, short beard, wears headphones quite a lot, has favourite blue denim shirt, blue eye colour, black hair. Reah- Tall, skinny, khakis and worn out jacket, short loose hair, blue eye colour, brown hair. “Done”. “Wait, did you hear something?” Leo whispered. “Get out of the house !“spoke a bold voice. “Let me handle this.” Reah said, and loaded her pistol. Locked and Loaded, I charged at the doors. *** *** *** ______________________________________________________________________________________________________