Wizardgk #29 : Fur Raising Story, 3

Note: All the puns and brands and everything in the story are made up by ME. Any real life entities related to such in this story, are purely coincidental. Thank you.

Nala Week,
WizardCats Presents,
In association with Wizardgk,
A story written and produced by Anshul:

Author: Anshul.


“Will I have to wait another week?” Nala asked.
“Few more days, if not a week” Peter firmly answered.
“I will have to leave sooner” Nala said.
“But how will you go?” Franklin asked.
“Train. Kit for Kat Railway” Nala replied.
“Tickets are expensive, Nala. Do you know how much they cost?” Suzy started up.
“That’s alright. We can fund from our pockets” Peter said.
“It’ll take all my life’s savings for one of those tickets” Franklin mumbled.
“That’s why it is a collective effort, you fool.” Peter backfired.
“Let him off the hook, Peter. Ever since we became a squad, you’ve been ragging him every chance you get” Nala said irritably. Franklin looked down. He was generally a very humble and loyal cat. What did Peter have against Frank? No one really knew.
The week ended, and the fund totalled to (Purros) € 513, a one way ticket to Face-Ville. The cats spent a fourth of their money to fund Nala’s trip. She got the handicapped line because she was on crutches – although it wasn’t permanent. She was first on the train, with some of the second and third community cats. They all seemed happier. A Village sick from starvation and they looked so content. A little kitten started whining, and then a mother cuddled around her. She instantly stopped and slept. Nala felt a certain attachment to that kitty. She wondered if she would ever have a little kit. Maybe put it on her bucket list? She considered it. The ride had a TV every four seats. Nala looked out of her window. The fields had some nice flowers and some beautiful tall grass. She lowered the window and looked out of it. The hills touched the sky miles ahead of them. The mixture of green and brown colours had an interesting red shade on top of the hill. It looked like it was pouring out of the tip, like lava. Only it was too red to be true.
She liked the variety and smell of the roses and sunflowers along with bougainvillea, hibiscus and a few strange flowers of a shade that was not one she saw in plants before. The smell of skunk settled in Nala’s nose as they crossed the hills.
A flock of birds chirped a beautiful song that was soothing to Nala’s widened ears. She was so caught up in the sights she had never seen before that she flinched when someone tapped her back.
“Excuse me, miss? I need to see your ticket please” A hostess politely asked.
“Uh, yeah, sure – it is – um, in the front pocket of my bag” Nala said.
The hostess smiled at her and took the ticket out of Nala’s bag.
Nala saw a few houses in the distance.
“Ladies and Gentlemen, we are stopping by at Belly-Ville. Please adhere to your surroundings and allow fellow passengers to be seated next to you. If there is any objection, please call the hostess and she will attend to your needs” a voice from far away spoke. New cats boarded the train Nala’s phone beeped. She looked at it. A picture of Franklin. Interesting. He said he finished watching The Great Catsby, and he so wished Nala was there. Nala was like Franklin’s childhood friend. They watched every single movie together. She knew why Franklin was remembering Nala. The Great Catsby was probably the only movie he watched without Nala. He also added that he wanted to see it with her again when she comes back.
“May I sit next to you?” A lady asked. Nala nodded. They spoke to each other, and exchanged some introductory remarks. The lady’s name was Catalina. Her son’s name was Oscar. Oscar jumped on Nala and snuggled next to her saying ‘Mama’. Nala was touched. She slept off after a few minutes.
*** ***
When Nala got up, she found out that she had to leave because they arrived at Face-Ville. Nala looked to her side. Catalina was not there. She left a gift and a note saying:

Dear Nala,
I hope we meet again. Please accept this token of our appreciation. Also, here is my number (310) Cat-Cell.

Nala pocketed the note and left.
Face Ville was the most “city like” village out of all Villes. There were sky scrapers, noisiest noises, people bustling around the streets, and all the city stuff. She ordered a cab to Face-Ville Hospitals in Community Four.
She sprinted to a lady and asked for her father. Room 415. Four stories up, left corridor, right at the end. Nala rushed as fast as she could. There he was, wrinkled and weak.
“DAD!” Nala screamed. She ran to his bed.
Dad laughed. “Oh, Nala. I missed you”
“Dad, how are you? What happened? Wh-where’s mom?”
“Honey it’s a fatal injury. I’m old now. I don’t have much left on this Earth. Your mom- she left this earth. She passed away at the age of Seventy. She had Cancer. I- I am sorry. I tried”
Nala felt fatal. She stayed with her father for a couple of days. She knew that she had to let it go. She was devastated. It was far too much to take in.
Her father’s condition got worse and worse by the day. Doctors claimed that they were helpless. And as if Nala wasn’t depressed enough, she got a devastating text. Nala, Franklin isn’t doing too well. Pls return ASAP, it is serious. ❤ Suzy
*** *** ***
Nala Week,
Author: Anshul


One thought on “Wizardgk #29 : Fur Raising Story, 3

  1. Dad

    intriguing and gripping…..you could spend some more time detailing the setting and scenery…’nice flowers and green grass’ need elaboration.


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